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SPCT Statement on Oakland: Call for Solidarity Nov 2nd

10/29/11 for immediate release


The SPCT Calls for Solidarity with Occupy Oakland on November 2


In the aftermath of the Oakland city police’s violent repression of its citizens’ rights to peacefully assemble and protest economic and social injustices, the Occupy Oakland general assembly has called for a citywide general strike to take place on November 2. The Socialist Party of Connecticut fully supports this call and urges all local members and supporters to convene at either the site of Occupy Hartford or Occupy New Haven on November 2nd in a show of solidarity with the Oakland protesters, including the Veteran for Peace activist who remains in critical condition after the police attack.


The corporate elite, that 1% percent of society that owns and controls the American political and economic system, cannot stand the popular resistance that the Occupy Movement is exercising. The demands to transform the undemocratic and oppressive structures that exist within our society have touched a nerve and the reactionary elements of the existing power structure are getting nervous. This is not the time for us to back down, but quite the opposite. Working people of all colors; over-indebted college students and graduates; unemployed workers; and concerned citizens alike represent the 99% of America. The time for transformation is now.

Freedom. Equality. Fraternity.

Join Occupy Oakland, the Occupy Movement, and the SPCT on November 2 in Solidarity.

“The Earth is for all; this is the demand” (Eugene Debs).


In Solidarity,



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