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CT Socialists Condemn the Raids – Long Live OWS!

Statement from the Socialist Party of Connecticut - November 28, 2011:

Socialists Condemn the Raids – Long Live OWS!

The Socialist Party of Connecticut joins the Socialist Party of New York City (SPUSA) in denouncing police actions taken against Occupy demonstrators in New York City, Seattle, Oakland and other cities across America. We strongly condemn Mayors Michael Bloomberg, Michael McGinn, Jean Quan and the political-military-security complex that perpetuated these raids. It is clear from the actions of the militarized police establishment that the only people they “protect and serve” are the wealthy and privileged 1% and the corporate oligarchy that controls the government of the United States. 

We demand:

  1. The immediate release of those arrested for non-violently occupying public spaces and that all charges against them be dropped.
  2. The immediate restoration of civil liberties – especially the right to free speech and association in America.
  3. The immediate investigation of all political officials who planned and executed these raids for any criminal violations concerning the abrogation of protesters civil liberties.
  4. The immediate resignation of all political officials who planned and executed the raids. Elections should be held to replace these officials that are open to all political parties, and not only to the two capitalist parties that represent the 1% of the political elite.

The Occupation movement is larger than a few small parks spread across America. It exists everywhere where people resist this undemocratic and oppressive system. These raids are a sign of the system’s weakness not its strength. They signal that the use of force is the only way to deal with dissent – the only way to temporarily quiet an Occupation, which announced boldly that the system was broken and that another world is possible.

Poor and working class people, people without jobs, without homes, without healthcare have finally woken up. They demand the one thing that capitalism cannot deliver – a future and a peaceful, productive life where they are able to develop themselves to our fullest human potential. This is a core belief of the Occupation movement and we share it.

As Socialists, we are permanent resisters to undemocratic political systems. We stand in solidarity with the Occupy Movement and will continue to spread its powerful message. We are the 99% and we are no longer willing to quietly accept the economic inequality, the war and the environmental destruction that the capitalist system engenders.

Occupy Everything!

Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it.  ~ Noam Chomsky

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