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Picket to Support Workers@Kingswood-Oxford, 2/2 - W.Hartford

Picket to Support Latino Workers at Kingswood-Oxford, West Hartford

Thursday, February 2nd
Corner of Trout Brook Road and Memorial Drive, West Hartford, CT
Workers at Kingswood-Oxford need your support!
Nine Cleaning workers at Kingswood-Oxford under contract with ServiceMaster of Hartford were recently fired from their position under discriminatory conditions. On November 28th, ServiceMaster of Hartford brought in a new supervisor. This supervisor began to discriminate against Spanish-speaking workers on the job almost immediately, and in under a month fired nine Spanish-speaking and immigrant workers.
Workers were told that they could not speak Spanish on the job. They often worked overtime without pay. Workers earned minimum wage with no wage increases for seniority or experience. Workers were told not to talk to the school staff. The new supervisor repeatedly used discriminatory practices to fire the Spanish speaking workers. Workers were fired on rules they were never given upon hire, forced to work while injured against doctors orders, suspended and fired without cause, and targeted by the company merely because they speak Spanish.
We are calling on Kingswood-Oxford to take a stand against discrimination and support the workers' fight for justice. ServiceMaster of Hartford needs to be held responsible for the actions of its management.  The Kingswood-Oxford workers are calling for your support.
Join us for a picket near Kingswood-Oxford on Thursday February 2nd from 2:30pm to 3:30pm at the corner of Trout Brook Road and Memorial Drive in West Hartford. We are calling on Kingswood-Oxford to meet with the workers and supporters from the community.

Support Justice for Janitors!  Support Workers at Kingswood-Oxford! Join the picket on February 2nd!

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