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The Socialist Party of Connecticut sends its heartfelt congratulations and unshakable solidarity to the People of Egypt during this moment when their courage and democratic vision are tossing the corruption and oppression of the Mubarak regime into the dust bin of history. Facing the dangers of imprisonment, torture, beating, and murder at the hands of Mubarak’s massive US-supported security apparatus, Egyptians from all corners of society stand firm in the face of great danger. They are exercising their natural and inalienable human right to remove a government that has repressed democratic reform and the empowerment of workers for three decades. Let all freedom-loving people around the world rejoice in the birth of freedom and democracy in Egypt. The people of Egypt are inspiring a renewed hope to those that suffer under the oppression privileged oligarchies that nonviolent revolution can bring a rebirth of freedom and equality to their societies.

For Americans, the courage of the Egyptian people shines as a torch to light the path of non-violent revolution against the crass and undemocratic control of the American government by corporate capital. Americans are beginning to understand that the severe problems that engendered the Egyptian revolution extend beyond the repressive policies of the Mubarak regime. A major cause of the massive unemployment and food price inflation in Egypt are the policies and back-room deals struck between the Mubarak regime and its facilitators in the US capitalist-controlled government, the US military-security-industrial complex, and international neoliberal financial system. Americans are beginning to realize that these forces also maintain a stranglehold on the American people and their desire for a truly democratic and compassionate society. While calling for “smaller government”, the coordinated actions of both ruling American capitalist parties continue to enlarge a massive, wasteful, and intrusive security apparatus in the name of a sham “War on Terrorism.” They continue to expand the reach of the FBI, ICE, and Homeland Security, even to the point where they monitor which books you check out from your community public libraries. They continue to waste half of the nation’s annual budget on a bloated military that is engaged in failed and interminable wars in the Middle East, with results that only exacerbate the deep economic and social problems that the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan continue to suffer. Simultaneously, these ruling parties continue to shriek for budget cuts and “austerity” that that will slash services for the poor, struggling mother’s with young children, public school teachers, public employees, and retired workers. They bend over backward to fulfill the growing demands of “too large to fail” corporations while doing virtually nothing to create jobs that are desperately needed by those enduring extended unemployment and underemployment. And while this occurs, the wealthy and large corporations reap huge and growing profits as the real wages of the workers remain stagnant in the face of massive unemployment.

The Socialist Party of Connecticut calls for a nonviolent democratic revolution like that being so successfully accomplished by the People of Egypt. The SPCT demands radical and fundamental changes in the structure and quality of economic, political, and personal relations and to abolish the power now exercised by the few who control great wealth and the government.

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