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SPUSA Tri-State Organizing Meeting 12/10-Stamford

Greetings Comrades,

I am writing to invite all members in good standing of the SPUSA and the SPCT to the first “Tri-State Regional Gathering” of the NYC, NJ and CT local organizations. The meeting will be held on December 10, 2011 at the Main Branch of the Ferguson Public Library at 96 Broad Street in Stamford, CT, between 11 AM and 2 PM. We will be meeting in the main Conference Room.

The agenda is currently being finalized and will include a report form the National Office covering campaigns and a review of ways locals and state organizations can get involved in national projects. It will also include reports from locals, discussion of OWS and anti-war activities and Party building (including youth organizing, the Women's Commission, and a discussion of activist strategies).

The membership of the three locals is very excited about this event. It will allow Comrades to meet each other, to exchange ideas, and plan for future actions.

I hope you will consider attending this important meeting. If you need transportation or are willing to provide a ride to the event, please let me know. I’ll do my best to arrange for carpooling.

James Marra



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CT Socialists Condemn the Raids – Long Live OWS!

Statement from the Socialist Party of Connecticut - November 28, 2011:

Socialists Condemn the Raids – Long Live OWS!

The Socialist Party of Connecticut joins the Socialist Party of New York City (SPUSA) in denouncing police actions taken against Occupy demonstrators in New York City, Seattle, Oakland and other cities across America. We strongly condemn Mayors Michael Bloomberg, Michael McGinn, Jean Quan and the political-military-security complex that perpetuated these raids. It is clear from the actions of the militarized police establishment that the only people they “protect and serve” are the wealthy and privileged 1% and the corporate oligarchy that controls the government of the United States. 

We demand:

  1. The immediate release of those arrested for non-violently occupying public spaces and that all charges against them be dropped.
  2. The immediate restoration of civil liberties – especially the right to free speech and association in America.
  3. The immediate investigation of all political officials who planned and executed these raids for any criminal violations concerning the abrogation of protesters civil liberties.
  4. The immediate resignation of all political officials who planned and executed the raids. Elections should be held to replace these officials that are open to all political parties, and not only to the two capitalist parties that represent the 1% of the political elite.

The Occupation movement is larger than a few small parks spread across America. It exists everywhere where people resist this undemocratic and oppressive system. These raids are a sign of the system’s weakness not its strength. They signal that the use of force is the only way to deal with dissent – the only way to temporarily quiet an Occupation, which announced boldly that the system was broken and that another world is possible.

Poor and working class people, people without jobs, without homes, without healthcare have finally woken up. They demand the one thing that capitalism cannot deliver – a future and a peaceful, productive life where they are able to develop themselves to our fullest human potential. This is a core belief of the Occupation movement and we share it.

As Socialists, we are permanent resisters to undemocratic political systems. We stand in solidarity with the Occupy Movement and will continue to spread its powerful message. We are the 99% and we are no longer willing to quietly accept the economic inequality, the war and the environmental destruction that the capitalist system engenders.

Occupy Everything!

Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it.  ~ Noam Chomsky

Occupy Hartford!


General Assemblies begin convening at 8am and 5pm daily, in Bushnell Park.

--->Starting on Wed, Oct 5th<----


Follow #OccupyHartford on twitter.

New Facebook page to Like and follow:


Exciting News is in and here it is: Join in an organizing meeting, Sunday Oct. 2nd, at 5pm.  Charter Oak Cultural Center.

The #OccupyWallStreet Revolution is spreading around the country . . . and coming to Hartford . . .

thanks to Sean Murphy, Viki Sanchez and countless other activists (334 and growing on facebook as of now)
and legal assistance from Peter Goselin of the National Lawyers Guild.

Sean posts:

“There will be a first organizing meeting on Sunday, October 2nd, 5 PM, at the Charter Oak Cultural Center (21 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford CT).

We will hold an open forum for any and all concerned citizens who wish to voice their opinions. At this meeting we will discuss future actions in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement as well as methods of encouraging local involvement. We will hold a preliminary presentation and discussion in order to familiarize citizens with the aims of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It is important that we involve as many people as possible while this movement continues to gain momentum. If you are unable to attend, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and we will notify you of future meetings as well as alternate ways to become involved.
We look forward to seeing you there.”

Many groups have organized around economic justice issues in the past, and currently Bring Our War $$$ Home is planning a March and Rally in Hartford on Sunday Oct. 16th.

The national momentum of #OccupyWallStreet provides the inspiration to bring hundreds of people into the streets to #OccupyHartford to demand a CT and US economic and political system that serves the human needs of all people, especially the most vulnerable and disenfranchised,
and not the war and incarceration machine and greed of the top 1%.

See you all on Sunday!

SPCT Statement on Oakland: Call for Solidarity Nov 2nd

10/29/11 for immediate release


The SPCT Calls for Solidarity with Occupy Oakland on November 2


In the aftermath of the Oakland city police’s violent repression of its citizens’ rights to peacefully assemble and protest economic and social injustices, the Occupy Oakland general assembly has called for a citywide general strike to take place on November 2. The Socialist Party of Connecticut fully supports this call and urges all local members and supporters to convene at either the site of Occupy Hartford or Occupy New Haven on November 2nd in a show of solidarity with the Oakland protesters, including the Veteran for Peace activist who remains in critical condition after the police attack.


The corporate elite, that 1% percent of society that owns and controls the American political and economic system, cannot stand the popular resistance that the Occupy Movement is exercising. The demands to transform the undemocratic and oppressive structures that exist within our society have touched a nerve and the reactionary elements of the existing power structure are getting nervous. This is not the time for us to back down, but quite the opposite. Working people of all colors; over-indebted college students and graduates; unemployed workers; and concerned citizens alike represent the 99% of America. The time for transformation is now.

Freedom. Equality. Fraternity.

Join Occupy Oakland, the Occupy Movement, and the SPCT on November 2 in Solidarity.

“The Earth is for all; this is the demand” (Eugene Debs).


In Solidarity,



Oct 16-"Bring the War $$ Home" Rally in Hartford

Bring Our War $$$ Home!

Money for Jobs and Education, Not War and Incarceration!

Nationally Coordinated Days of Local Anti-War Actions
Meet inside Hartford City Hall Atrium at 2pm

Featuring: Vijay Prashad, Trinity College Professor; John Pelto, former legislator, blogger and activist, Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra; LaReese Harvey, A Better Way Foundation; Dan Durso, Teamster Local 559; A Representative from the AFL-CIO; and more...

Special Performance by Hartbeat Ensemble

For ten years now US forces have occupied Afghanistan. Iraq is and will remain an occupied territory as the US constructs massive bases in Baghdad. At the same time the government and President Obama have opened new fronts in Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. The majority of workers and students in the US oppose these wars. Yet we are continually forced to sacrifice, to makeconcessions and accept cutbacks to feed the war machine.

Leaving a trail of death and destruction these wars are being justified at home with an unprecedented assault on the civil liberties of Muslims. Frame ups and phony accusations by government provocateurs are now a common threat to the Muslim community.

These attacks have extended to peace, labor, immigrant rights and international solidarity activists who now face subpoenas to appear before a grand jury. All of this is an attempt to intimidate those who speak out against war, US support for the apartheid state of Israel, and the economic assault on workers and students.

We say bring the troops home now, no to war, cutbacks, racism and no to attacks on Muslims and immigrants!

Endorsers List: Catholic Workers, CT United for Peace, Hartbeat Ensemble, Socialist Party of CT, A Better Way Foundation, West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice,Answer Coalition, Manchester Peace Coalition, Middle East Crisis Committee, Civic Trust Public Lobbying Company, Colombia Action CT, Socialist Action, Progressive Coalition of Greater Hartford, Bright Star Vision, Plan C: The People's Budget, We Refuse To Be Enemies, National Lawyers Guild, Hope Out Loud, Veterans for Peace Ch. 42, Students for a Democratic Society University of Hartford, People's Action for Clean Energy.


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