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Emergency Picket Line 9/13 in Norwalk: Education is NOT a Crime!

Free Tanya McDowell! Free Education!

Drop all Charges, Education is not a Crime!

What: Emergency Picket line outside the courthouse

When: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time: 10am

Location: Norwalk Superior Court

17 Belden Avenue, Norwalk, CT

Overview of the case:

In Connecticut, Tanya McDowell, a homeless mother, faces up to 20 years in prison and a $15,000 fine as a result of enrolling her son in her baby sitter’s school district. Prosecutors claim McDowell “stole education” from the Norwalk school district. McDowell’s son was living in Norwalk at a babysitters house. Authorities still demand that she should have enrolled her five year old son in Bridgeport where McDowell had last resided. According to the Norwarlk Patch, “In nearly all other cases in Norwalk, school officials find out that the child is from out of the district, and they decline to bring the matter to prosecutors or even ask the parents for money.”


Why Tanya McDowell, why now? As McDowell was completing a drug rehabilitation program police approached her to act as an informant or snitch on drug dealers and users in the Norwalk community. McDowell refused to work with the police and on April 14, 2011 she was arrested on first degree larceny charges for sending her son to school out of district. Since being released on bail McDowell has been targeted by police, incarcerated, and separated from her son.

McDowell’s story speaks volumes about the real motivation for the so-called drug war. The criminalization of an entire community via surveillance, entrapment of vulnerable users, and mass incarceration has been used as a system of racial control and discrimination. In Tanya McDowell’s case, she is being further penalized for trying to better her son’s chances of escaping a community where the police operate in this fashion."


contact: Victoria Seville

Urging Mayors to Demand War $$$ Brought Home

Please copy this letter and send it to your mayor and then pass it on to others to do the same!

Dear Mayor Segarra,

As Hartford’s Mayor, you well know how the reverberations of the economic crisis are  being felt here and across the country. Layoffs and budget cuts to healthcare, education and other vital services have plunged cities across the nation into very difficult times.

Communities cannot afford the continuing diversion of monies to endless wars, militarism and death. Our nation is projected to spend more than $126 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars that the majority of Americans no longer support.

In many cities, crime and violence are on the rise; yet community leaders cannot appeal to gangs to stop violence in the streets while our country continues to be an ongoing purveyor of violence across the globe.

As the Mayor of Hartford, the first capital city to pass a City Council resolution to Bring Our War Dollars Home for the vital needs of our citizens, you are well positioned to lead other mayors toward a progressive vision of what our US cities could again become when resources return to them.

During the Conference of Mayors 73rd Annual Meeting, June 17-21 in Baltimore, a draft resolution will be submitted for review, Calling on Congress to Redirect Military Spending to Domestic Priorities. This resolution supports the speedy ending of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and calls on the U.S. Congress to redirect war dollars to meet vital human needs, promote job creation, rebuild our infrastructure, aid state and local governments, and develop a new economy based on renewable, sustainable energy. (The text of the resolution has been modified since it was first publicized and is included below.)

We urge you to sign on and register your support for: a foreign policy guided by diplomacy and a federal budget focused on rebuilding America. Can we add your name to this growing list of visionary mayor-leaders who have co-sponsored the Resolution?

Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles
Carolyn Peterson, Ithaca
Dave Norris, Charlottesville
David Coss, Santa Fe
John Duran, West Hollywood, CA
Gayle McLaughlin, Richmond, CA
Bob Kiss, Burlington, VT
R.T. Rybak, Minneapolis
Frank Ortis, Pembroke Pines, FL
Matthew Ryan, Binghamton
Paul Wiehl, Athens, OH
Brenda Lawrence, Southfield, Michigan
Joy Cooper, Hallandale Beach, FL
Joseph C. O'Brien, Worcester, MA
Paul Soglin, Madison, Wisconsin
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore
David L. Konick, Rock Mills, VA
Joanne Twomey, Biddeford, Maine

Fiesta Solidária

New Haven Workers Association - Unidad Latina en Acción is sponsoring an event:

fiesta solidaria

Fiesta solidaria con la lucha obrera y el movimiento estudiantil

Party in solidarity with the worker struggle and the student movement, to benefit the work of Unidad Latina en Acción.

Live music by Fernandito Ferrer, singer-songwriter and activist from Puerto Rico.

Discussion about the historic student strike in Puerto Rico with Jorge Limeres, Puerto Rican independence activist.

$10 advance tickets on sale now! Contact ULA (203) 606-3484

May Day 2011

Join the SPCT at one of two events this year:


1. New Haven: The annual May Day celebration on the green.  The SPCT will have a table from 12-4 on the green and will be holding our monthly meeting during that time as well. All are welcome. Stop by to say hi and see what the SPCT is all about. More details:


2. Hartford: Worker Solidarity Rally. Stand up for workers rights and the right to organize!                 More details:





Hartford City Council: "End The Wars"

This is the Resolution that just passed through the city council of Hartford!



A resolution of the city council of Hartford, CT calling upon the US

government and President Obama to Bring Our War Dollars Home Now


Whereas, the economic collapse has exhausted the financial resources at the

local, county, state and federal levels of the US; and


Whereas, the US government since

2001 has spent well over 1 trillion dollars nationally on the wars and

occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Connecticut nearly 28 billion

dollars has gone to war spending and more than $453 million has been

taken from the city of Hartford to fund the wars and occupations, and


Whereas, more than 5,700 US troops have been killed, more than 40,000 wounded; and


Whereas, hundred’s of thousands of civilians have been killed or wounded and the

ongoing warfare poses great and unnecessary harm to the nation of Iraq,

Afghanistan, and Pakistan and elsewhere in the world; and


Whereas, billions of tax payer’s money is spent to prop up repressive regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world; and



educational services, medical care, housing, other essential public

services, infrastructure repair, and family financing throughout

Connecticut, especially in cities such as Hartford, have been diverted

from a constructive economy to these wars and occupations, and



budget deficits, largely due to war spending, have been used as a

pretext to force concessions from public sector unions from California

to Wisconsin to Connecticut; and


Whereas, 2010 census data shows that Hartford has the highest poverty rating in Connecticut at 31.9% (nationally, the poverty rating is 14.3%) and



communities of color in Hartford have been hardest hit. Our city has a

population that is 41% Latino and 38% African American/West Indian population. Unemployment for people of color is over 40%, and unemployment for people of color is nearly 20% and when employed, people of color make only 60 cents for every dollar made by white workers; and


Whereas, the above mentioned communities are heavily targeted for military recruitment,


Be it resolved that the city council of Hartford call upon the US

government and President Obama to end the wars and occupations in Iraq

and Afghanistan and bring our war dollars home now.


Now be it further resolved, that the city council of Hartford support

informational events regarding the cost of the wars and occupations to

our community; and


Be it further resolved that the city council of Hartford support the right

of public sector unions and all other unions to collectively bargain

and defend the interests of their members; and


Be it further resolved, that the city council of Hartford urge residents

to participate in the April 9, 2011 national march in New York City to

end the wars and occupations and bring our war dollars home.

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