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Occupy State Capitol for Universal Health Care- 2/8


Opening Day of the 2012 Legislative Session:

The lobbyists will be there
. . .
Will you?

There’s a lot at stake this year, and the opponents of health care reform are already working overtime.

With your participation we CAN:

  • get the SustiNet Cabinet to create a solid plan for a Public Option for Connecticut in 2012;
  • make sure the Exchange Board enacts the most consumer-friendly, cost-controlling, health-enhancing Insurance Exchange possible in 2014; AND
  • achieve a vital State Basic Health Plan – an Affordable Care Act option that would expand access to care for folks with low incomes – that offers the broadest coverage at no cost.

On Wednesday, February 8th :

All roads lead to the State Capitol

Tell Governor Malloy and legislative leaders: we CAN'T GO BACK and we CAN'T AFFORD TO WAIT!
Now is the time to make the promise of health care we can all count on a reality. Stand with us ...

Occupy the Capitol - demand quality, affordable

health care for all!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

8:30 am  -  1:30 pm


Check in at Room 2600 – on the 2nd floor of the Legislative Office Building

Join us for all or part of the day.
To RSVP or for more info: 203.710.1084 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Learn what’s at

Picket to Support Workers@Kingswood-Oxford, 2/2 - W.Hartford

Picket to Support Latino Workers at Kingswood-Oxford, West Hartford

Thursday, February 2nd
Corner of Trout Brook Road and Memorial Drive, West Hartford, CT
Workers at Kingswood-Oxford need your support!
Nine Cleaning workers at Kingswood-Oxford under contract with ServiceMaster of Hartford were recently fired from their position under discriminatory conditions. On November 28th, ServiceMaster of Hartford brought in a new supervisor. This supervisor began to discriminate against Spanish-speaking workers on the job almost immediately, and in under a month fired nine Spanish-speaking and immigrant workers.
Workers were told that they could not speak Spanish on the job. They often worked overtime without pay. Workers earned minimum wage with no wage increases for seniority or experience. Workers were told not to talk to the school staff. The new supervisor repeatedly used discriminatory practices to fire the Spanish speaking workers. Workers were fired on rules they were never given upon hire, forced to work while injured against doctors orders, suspended and fired without cause, and targeted by the company merely because they speak Spanish.
We are calling on Kingswood-Oxford to take a stand against discrimination and support the workers' fight for justice. ServiceMaster of Hartford needs to be held responsible for the actions of its management.  The Kingswood-Oxford workers are calling for your support.
Join us for a picket near Kingswood-Oxford on Thursday February 2nd from 2:30pm to 3:30pm at the corner of Trout Brook Road and Memorial Drive in West Hartford. We are calling on Kingswood-Oxford to meet with the workers and supporters from the community.

Support Justice for Janitors!  Support Workers at Kingswood-Oxford! Join the picket on February 2nd!

Assail the DCF Plantation-Feb. 4

This is from our friends over at furbiirdsqueerly who got it from the Hart Monitor.


Join a diverse coalition of groups and individuals to “Assail the DCF Plantation” and land a universal blow against racism, February 4th,    at the CT Juvenile Training Center in Middletown.

In honor of Black History Month, we will strike a universal blow against racism, targeting the overseers at DCF’s (Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families) Youth Services.

*The managers of DCF’s youth services have created and maintained a racist and hostile work environment, despite sustained complaints by workers over the past 5 of years.

*A class action lawsuit filed against the DCF by Black and Latino workers ten years ago was overturned due to faulty paper work.

*A second class action lawsuit is currently filed on behalf of five Black, Latino and LGBT employees.

* African American and Latino male workers in Youth Services are disciplined at significantly higher rates than their coworkers. Additionally, they receive worse punishments than their coworkers for similar infractions.

*In 2011, rank and file workers delivered a petition to DCF administrators highlighting the racist management practices in Youth Services. In a meeting meant to address these claims, many workers testified to the racist work environment, including white workers. Management responded by punishing these previously protected workers, too.

*Workers have met with DCF president Joette Katz, to no avail. Hartford residents created a DCF zone extending from Vine, Albany and Garden streets, to no avail.

*DCF Youth Services operates like a modern day plantation: managerial overseers abuse their workers in an attempt to cower them into submission. They save their worst abuse for Black and Latino male workers and those who dare speak on their behalf.

*The DCF operates a 1 billion dollar budget supplied by tax payer monies at the federal and state levels. 82% of children under the care of DCF at the CT Juvenile Training School are Black or Latino boys, yet the managerial staff is overwhelmingly white. Meanwhile, the Black and Latino male workers who tend to their care suffer racism at the hands of their overseers.

We must stand against racism in all its forms. That DCF perpetuates a double-helping of institutionalized racism makes it all the more urgent. Assail the DCF Plantation!

Transportation will be provided, leaving from Unity Plaza, 265 Barbour Street, Hartford, CT, 10 a.m. RSVP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy Anniversary Roe v Wade- Radical Women

This is a statement from Radical Women

January 21, 2012

Dear Friend,

Happy 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the monumental U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion throughout the United States! Abortion is a simple medical procedure that is vital for women to exercise any form of control over their lives. But despite its safety and legality, the fight for full reproductive health care for all women continues.

Last year a record 135 new provisions related to reproductive rights were passed in the United States, including bans on funding, prohibitions against abortion after a certain gestation period, forced waiting periods, and mandatory ultrasounds. When abortion is unavailable or unaffordable, it is poor women who suffer because they can't pay the medical fees and travel costs, or take the time to overcome all the outrageous barriers that have been devised by opponents of women's equality.

But there's good news too. Reproductive rights advocates are mobilizing. Last summer, activists converged in Maryland to defend Dr. LeRoy Carhart and the Germantown Reproductive Health Services from Operation Rescue harassment. Recently, voters in Mississippi rejected a “fertilized-egg-as-person” amendment to the state constitution that would have effectively banned abortions and many forms of contraception. New legislation has been introduced in Washington State to require private insurance plans to cover abortion if they cover maternity care. Young feminists in the Occupy movement are embracing the fight for reproductive justice and gender equality.

Where to next? With a presidential election looming, the pressure is increasing to “elect Democrats to protect us from Republicans.” This is an often tried and always failed approach. The Democratic Party is a capitalist party that maintains loyalty to its investment base, not the voter base. The wealth of the 1% rests on the second-class status of women, queers and people of color. Corporate America's massive profits demand the super-exploitation of women providing free labor in the home (cooking, cleaning, care of the young, sick and elderly) and cheap labor on the job.

Many hoped President Obama would be different; that he would champion womens' equality. Instead, his policies have repeatedly sided with the far right. Federal health reform sacrificed abortion coverage. In December, the Obama Administration took the unprecedented step of overruling the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to remove age restrictions on Emergency Contraception. These are not isolated incidents. Jodi Jacobson’s article in Conscience Magazine,  “Is Obama Prochoice?,” concludes that “the President has presided over the greatest erosion to womens' reproductive health and rights in the past 30 years, and a continuing degradation of our rights at the state level.”

Instead of diverting energy into electing Democrats, feminists should continue the momentum of the vibrant Occupy movement and demand what working class women and men need – things like health care (with full reproductive services), food, social services, housing, and union-wage jobs. We must look beyond politics-as-usual to support socialist or anti-capitalist candidates who will take action in the interest of the 99%.

Let’s make the next year one of tremendous growth for the movements for equality and justice!

In struggle,

Anne Slater
National Organizer
Radical Women

Support Justice for Janitors at The Courant! 1/14

Support Justice for Janitors at the Hartford Courant!
January 14th 6PM
Charter Oak Cultural Center
21 Charter Oak Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

We ask all who attend to donate on a sliding scale $10 - $20.
Tickets for the raffle will cost $1.
Money raised will go directly to the workers.
Please join us in supporting these workers.

If you cannot make it this Saturday, but want to contribute, you can donate via check. Details Below:

Make checks payable to
CT Students Against the War

They can be mailed to:
68 Mott Hill Road
East Hampton, CT 06424

Sponsored by: Hartford Organizing Group
Background Info:
Eight cleaning workers at the Hartford Courant were met with pink slips this holiday season as the Hartford Courant and their Parent company Tribune continue attacks on good, union jobs. Tribune Corporation, which owns the Courant, has been working throughout the country in tandem with Pressman Cleaners to go after unions, workers, good paying jobs, and health benefits.

The Hartford Courant purposefully undercut the union cleaning contractor in order to stop paying health benefits to their workers. In addition to gutting local media, Tribune is using this economic crisis as an excuse to cut our jobs, union and non-union alike.

Tribune gives bonuses to executives and managers based upon how much they can increase financial efficiency, a code word for cutting jobs and increasing profits by reducing labor costs and increasing production.

Tribune has set aside $42 million for executive bonuses, spent $207 million on legal fees to finance its bankruptcy since 2008, and laid off union workers to save a mere $100 thousand.

We ask you to support these workers and support the ongoing struggle for social and economic justice!

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