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2010 Socialist Party Year in Review

jobs, peace, freedom - socialist party usa2010 Year in Review

by Greg Pason, National Secretary

The Socialist Party had an active 2010, we've gained new members, new locals and had some of our best turnouts at national demonstrations and events.

In January we kicked off the year with local actions to shut down Guantanamo and held our first new National Committee meeting hosted by the SP of Central Virginia in Charlottesville. At that meeting the NC organized a phone conference with Ohio comrades to reorganize a state committee and to help to support the nomination of Dan La Botz for US Senate. The National Committee also approved a new Local Organizing handbook to assist locals in their activist work.

In the spring we held International Women's Day events, with an IWD issue of The Socialist. Later in the month members took part in the Left Forum in NYC (organizing a table and workshops), and we mobilized members for the March 20th DC mobilization for "Troops Out of Iraq and Afghanistan" with magazines and literature.

In April our newly organized Southern Arizona Local was in the street protesting Arizona racist SB 1070. The Southern Arizona local is the first local we've had in Arizona in more than a decade. The National Office shipped material and a banner to support a Arizona local's contingent at the large anti-SB 1070 mobilization.

In May, locals took part in May Day actions with new SPUSA banners and a national May Day statement. We then started organizing for the US Social Forum in Detroit.

The Party's summer National Committee meeting happened on the weekend before the US Social Forum and many of the NC members joined members of the Detroit Socialist Party at the US Social Forum. The national party and Detroit local sponsored a series of workshops, distributed the The Socialist and sponsored a table at the USSF.

During the summer the National Office's focus was to organize for the
Summer Organizing Conference in Madison Wisconsin. The conference was a complete success and included a plenary which featured Cindy Sheehan along with Dan LaBotz and Paul Buhle. All covered on our on-line webzine
( photos:

In the Fall, members organized in Labor Day actions and were part of the "socialist contingent" at the One National Working Together rally in DC. Marching with hundreds of other socialists, tabling and handing out literature to thousands of attendees.

In November, as the media reported on the Republican gains, Socialist Party candidates were coming in with solid results. Dan LaBotz garnered 25,000 votes for US Senate in Ohio, where the SPUSA had not been active in years. Jane Newton garnered nearly 2% of the vote for congress on the Socialist Party line in Vermont, and in New York and Michigan Socialist candidates got tens of thousands of votes on the Green line. In Connecticut Todd Vachon ran a solid write in campaign for US Senate, and in Florida, SPUSA member David Maynard, was elected to the Hillsborough County Soil and Water Conservation Board with over 85,000 votes.

I'm sure I missed some stuff, but all this was done with a part-time staff, a volunteer Editorial Board, and limited resources, and lots of rank-n-file work on the ground. Just image what we could do with more.

Here's hoping for a more active, expanding and even more successful Socialist Party in 2011!

Please take this opportunity to renew your membership or make an end of year contribution toward the work of the SPUSA!

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In Unity,

Greg Pason
National Secretary
Socialist Party USA
339 Lafayette St. #303
New York, NY 10012

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